Decoded: August 8, 2019

We’ve decoded the week’s news and updates around digital marketing. We’ll decipher the digital gibberish for you.  Here’s what you need to know.

I just read an interesting (and creepy) thread on reddit about the most unsettling things people found after they downloaded their Google data. People discovered a variety of things, including recorded conversations and information that was wildly inaccurate. Download all the data Google has on you and see what they know.

Have they tried restarting it? Google search isn’t showing new content due to indexing issues, though they claim to have fixed the problem now. All your new Twitter updates about your “best lunch ever” can now be indexed, so rest easy.

Wasting time has never been so easy. Google adds playable podcasts directly in their search results. I mean, that’s what I need—and even faster way to listen to Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond.

Instagram removes ad partner that tracked millions of users’ locations. Yes, because only their parent company, Facebook, should be allowed to do that.

Just for Fun. A black hole, 40 billion times the size of the sun, just discovered.  Einstein was the first person to describe the concept, but didn’t believe they could form.

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