Who We Are: Two Digital Marketers

nextSEARCH is a digital marketing blog that is part of nextWORKS LLC. It is run by two digital marketers (Todd and Mark) with the goal of sharing their knowledge acquired over decades of experience with clients in nearly every industry.

None of the articles are sponsored or written by guests. Everything here are the genuine words of the site creators. We are also totally transparent. We do make money via showing site ads and affiliate links.  Any affiliate we link to is because we use those actual products, and are sharing our real thoughts about them. The income helps keep the site running.

What We’re Doing: Finding The What’s Next Moment

Digital marketing is often reactionary. It becomes an application driven from the desire to fix problems uncovered by a Marketing Director. That in itself is not bad–and sometimes is very effective–but it does nothing to take advantage of what the digital space is truly capable of providing.

Over the years the founders of nextSEARCH would occasionally gather at a coffee
shop to openly discuss trends, software, innovation, Google and wherever their tech curiosity would take them. It was a small group of people that worked at different places, with different clients, but gathered to join their knowledge and point-of-views in order to figure out what was next. They tested and experimented, and openly shared what they got right and what they got wrong. They shared ideas and performed thought experiments, powered by their own expertise and caffeine.

It was all about answering a few questions: Where was the digital life taking us? How would it impact our daily work? How does it change our workflow? How do those things help our clients?

It’s been called a lot of things: predictive modeling, futurism, even fortune telling. We called it digital extrapolation. We looked at what was happening, what was technologies were coming together, and used that to guide us as to where the digital space was heading.

We tested, we questioned, we researched, we shared. All designed around the idea to figure out what was next. As we talked and met with others, we connected smart people to forward-thinking companies looking for their own gurus.

Then we decided that instead of occasional coffee shop meetings, we’d bring our conversation online. We’ll continue to test, research, build and innovative. But now you get to see it as it happens and participate. Watch us predict, watch us innovate, watch us research, and watch us as we sometimes stumble. Use our tools, join the conversation. Let’s find what’s next.